Tony’s Angling Diary

Tony Miles needs no introduction as an angler, accounting for many specimens which have featured within a number of books he has authored. Tony has been a regular contributor for Pallatrax, penning his account of his time on the bank as he goes about the love for angling. 

We will bring you regular diary updates written by Tony, which you can follow and keep up to date with his angling exploits. You can pose questions for Tony within our Q&A section of the site, where he will be more than happy to answer your angling related questions. 

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Diary Entries:

Ice Age Chub


Not much to report for the first two weeks of November, as I was up to my fetlocks in wallpaper, decorating our dining room. After that, the floods came, putting the rivers out of sorts for a week, and I took the opportunity to visit two fairly local carp waters which have both produced big pike over the years. Pike are very much under the radar on both venues as most anglers are obsessed with the 30lb plus carp that live in the venues, but I know of at least one 30lb pike from each water over the last few years, with several back up fish to 27lb….. [more]


Fun with Roach and Perch

Roach oct

At the end of the last blog I said that I was looking forward to a roach session at Linear Fisheries in Oxford, specifically at Brasenose 2 pit. This has a reputation for producing bigger than average roach up to over a confirmed 3lbs. At the present, my personal best roach stands at 2lb 11ozs and an ambition is to raise this to the magical 3lbs.

I arrived in early October in still unseasonably mild conditions……[more]


A Transition Month

Set blog 22lb commonWith the continuing mild conditions, September found me doing a lot more carp fishing than I had originally planned. So my first barbel trips were postponed until later in the Autumn. Following the tremendous carping I had enjoyed in the swim called No Carp Bay, I decided on two more days to see if I could get one of the two 30s in the water.

As normal, I was first at the gate at the opening time of 6.00 am, and made my way to the swim, where my first job was to introduce 100 18mm Jungle (Tigernut and peanut) boilies….. [more]


Carp and Rudd In The Sun


My first trip in August was a single day trip to my local water, again with crucians in mind, and the following week I took up a long standing invitation to fish for big rudd on the lovely river Cam. Find out how I got on….. [more]




Tony’s Fun With Tench And Carp

July Blog pic

At the end of June, I got wind of a local water that had been producing the odd nice crucian carp, nothing spectacular to rival Marsh Farm or Johnson’s but with fish confirmed to over 3lbs it was certainly interesting. The water in question is one I’ve known about for over fifty years and it always produced the very odd big crucian. And when I say very odd that’s exactly what I mean…. [more]



Tough Tench Times

common double

When I began my regular blogs it had been my intention to report back at least fortnightly, but I have to admit that I am finding that impossible. The pressure on my time is just too intense at the moment. This hasn’t been made any easier by being commissioned to write another book. I have been contemplating for two years writing an update on my book of the eighties, Complete Specimen Hunter, as things have moved on apace in the big fish world in the last thirty years. That has now become reality, as Little Egret Press have just sent the contract. [more]


A Good Soaking and Tricky Carp

21lb2 common

After ten days’ hard graft decorating our through lounge I was well and truly sick of the sight of wallpaper and paint and looking forward to a couple of days at a local carp water….[more]

A Heady and Cold Start to Spring

Perch brace 3lb13 and 3lb 9

With only one day to fish, I decided on a trip to a water holding some very big tench with the intention of fishing in a traditional manner with large lobworms coupled with a method feeder. I had decided on this approach for two reasons…[more]


My biggest perch


There are more giant perch being caught today than at any time in history, with a significant number of five pounders being reported each season…[more]

The caged lion

5lb 10oz

After two weeks of at times agonising sciatica, and popping pain killers like Smarties, Fran said I was like a caged lion! With the worst spasms under control, I decided on a one day trip to the Ouse after a big chub. I didn’t want to risk walking far and decided to head for a stretch or river where I could safely park within fifty yards of the access field gate. The stretches both upstream and downstream have given…[more]