The Stonze System – Welcome to The Stonze Age

It has been said that the Stonze were here before their time but in actual fact that is so far from the truth with anglers using stones as fishing weight for thousands of years! And why not as it makes complete and total sense that such a simple and natural product truly has every opportunity to help you Catch More Fish without harming the environment!

As anglers, here at Pallatrax we have always understood that the largest and therefore most obtrusive piece of our terminal tackle is a man made weight most commonly made from lead – a substance known to be a danger to the environment with the fishing industry now being directed to phase out of angling by EFTTA due to it’s toxicity (independent expert advice which surely is telling us all that we should be responsible anglers seek to use one of the non toxic alternatives?) By replacing the lead with a natural stone fishing weight we remove any belief that our quarry will spook off the weight – something we cannot say in the case of a lead – or other man made alternative. Fish live and die within the water bodies they inhabit and for it to be promoted that by painting a lead makes it ‘disappear’ from their heightened senses is just not the case – they’re still there, they’re the most obtrusive item, they’re totally unnatural and therefore the fish has a greater ability to sense – FACT. Our intention has never been to be arrogant about a topic we have intently studied but to actually design a fishing weight with a host of benefits that a lead will never have. This journey has ultimately led us to a tactical approach that we totally believe can increase our catch rates significantly – and every factual element points to why it does. There is no sales ploy here, we are like you — nothing but anglers, and if we can help our fellow angler catch more and enjoy the sport further it can only be a good thing – surely?

With nigh on twenty years of experience using Stonze and with thousands upon thousands of fish falling to a tactic that revolves around our natural weights surely that is enough proof that we’re onto something, something big – but in some quarters apparently that is not the case!  Critics have frustratingly tried to dispel the truth of this genuine advantage through promoting a whole plethora of assumed and flawed negatives whilst at the same time never having actually used a Stonze – you have to question why?

Three of the most frequently levelled assumptions that our critics are so quick to turn to:

Assumption: “They won’t cast”.

Answer: Yes, they do! Select a Stonze for the job and you’ll quickly see that only the unskilled cannot cast them from the off – and with a few tweaks they will quickly be able to do so as well. 

Assumption: “They’re bigger than a lead and the fish will see them”!

Answer: Only to a human mind set will that have any relevance, they’re natural and even the largest stone will be natural unlike the smallest lead – detectable in nature by a quarry that knows its environment far better than any human.

Assumption: “It’s a gimmick”!

Answer: How so far from the truth but I can understand such cynicism within such a gimmick laden market! Just remember they’re natural, they’re a weight, they can be cast, they will hold bottom, they can be used as the most effective of Method feeders, they can be flavoured but ultimately they have the ability to fool your quarry whilst at the same time having zero negative impact to the environment – something you will never be able to say about a lead.

The simple truth is they work and once embraced within your angling you will quickly appreciate their value as a true edge and become a large factor in your sport. The Stonze Age is here to stay and with it comes a new era in angling, an era where our multi species catch rates will continue to do the talking – something that is the only real proof.   


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